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October Release

What's new

List Sharing Feature

  • Lists and folders are visible only to the creator by default, so users can focus on the lists that are relevant to them
  • Lists and folders can be shared with other users so they can see and interact with the lists in all products! For example, create a list in TARGET and assign it to an SDR that uses CONNECT for customer outreach
  • The user’s ability to interact with lists and its companies/contacts  depends on the granted permission (Owner, Editor, Viewer)
  • Users receive a notification by e-mail as soon as a new list has been shared
  • Lists can be shared with the “All users” group, which means that all current users and all users added in the future will have access to certain lists (e.g. customer accounts or suppression lists)
  • Folder access enables users to access all current and future lists that have been added to that folder
  • More details

Data update for Nordics countries

  • More companies and contacts for Nordics countries: Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden
  • In-depth data for those countries available including financial data, keywords and contact information
  • Filter based on regions possible

TARGET 1.0 sunset notification

  • All good things come to an end: At the end of the year, we say goodbye to the old TARGET
  • So please switch to TARGET 2.0 if you have not already done so Login TARGET 2.0