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TARGET 2.0 – April Release

What's new

Sidebar folder structure for searches and lists

Organize your searches and lists by region, by responsible employees, by product group or any other criteria relevant for your organization

E-commerce & Shop systems filter

  • Find companies that do online trading
  • Find companies that have integrated certain shop systems on their websites e.g. WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify etc.






New columns: Earnings and Balance Sheet Total

  • Besides the revenue column you can also add the columns for Earnings and Balance Sheet Total with the column configurator
  • These financials will be availabe also in the export for contracts with extendend export fields


Clean unavailable data

Clean your list from unavailable company data records. There are several reasons why some company data records are no longer available:

  • company has been deleted
  • company has been merged or taken over by another company
  • company belongs to a country data pack that is no longer available for your account

What's Improved
  • All contact-related filter now also apply for companies: no companies in the results that don’t have at least one contact matching the filter criteria
  • Search for special characters in company names, descriptions & trigger events now possible
    • Search for companies with “e.V.” in their company name
    • Search for companies that are looking for “c#” developers in their job offers
  • Improved suggestions for relevant WZ-Codes