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TARGET 2.0 – June Release

What's new

NACE code filter

  • Filter for companies based on the “Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community (NACE Rev. 2)”
  • Quickly find the NACE codes you would like to filter for by either browsing through the sections (“letters”) or by using the search box
  • Select an entire section (e.g. “C Manufacturing”) with just one klick
  • Get an overview of the selected codes on the right side




NACE codes in the results

  • Column names have been changed and now refer to the more internationally known NACE codes
  • However, also the more specific WZ codes are displayed




Export column changes

  • The column names have been adjusted to match the column names of the table view
  • There is one additional column which shows all NACE codes
  • The idea: Choose the level of specificity you prefer for single field imports into your CRM


NACE vs. WZ codes – What’s the difference?

  • NACE is an industry classification system that is used in the EU whereas WZ is only used/known in Germany
  • The NACE and the WZ classification schemes are related to eachother: They share the first 4 digits, but the WZ scheme allows a more specific classification with a 5th digit (=sub-class)
  • Other national schemes like UK SIC and NAF Rev. (used in France) also derive from the NACE scheme: Classification are the same up to the classes. However, there are minor differences in the sub-class classification of these national schemes.