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TARGET 2.0 – May Release

What's new

Contact location

  • View location of contacts based on information these contacts provide in their LinkedIn or Xing profile
  • Filter for contacts that are located in specific countries





On demand text translation

  • Tanslate company descriptions, website content or trigger events from foreign languages with just one click



Adjustable width of sidebar

  • Adjust the width of your sidebar to better read long folder, list, and search names


Move Blacklist companies from TARGET 1.0

  • Create a new list with all companies that have been blacklisted in TARGET 1.0
  • Note: list filter still required to deduct these companies from the search results
What's Improved
  • Website search: potentially more and transnational results when searching specifically on Privacy, Location or Job offer pages due to adding multi-language url-parts
  • DATACARE import: fixed