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TARGET – December Release

What's new

Similar Company Search for Specific Reference Companies

  • Find B2B lookalikes to companies you already know: Add filter > Filters for Lists > Similar Companies
  • Simply select one or more reference companies and let TARGET do the work to find companies just like your favorite customers
  • No need to do a company list segmentation via AI Tools in advance (this option is of course still available via the “Cluster Lookalikes” filter or AI Tools)




Extended Radius for Radius Search

  • Find companies near a city, zip code or a specific company
  • The adjustable radius has now been extended from 0.5 km to 500 km
  • Simply use the slider or the input field to set the radius





Move Company to Another List

Use this feature to better structure your list-related worfklows:

  • Separate qualified from unqualified prospects by moving them to another list
  • Share this list with your colleagues for further processing





Save Clustered Companies on a List

After performing a company list segmentation by using the AI tools, you can save the clustered companies to separate lists before proceeding










“Help with this area” Product Tours

  • The tours easily explain the various product areas of TARGET: dashboard, search, lists and AI tools
  • Just click on “Help with this area” in the help dropdown and start the tour