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Danish companies may register themselves on an official “advertising protection” list. The registration information is officially listed in the country register alongside the company’s protected data. Any data registered in this database may not be used for commercial purposes. While this protection covers the company data, it does not cover the contact data of company employees.

Relevant information:


Echobot saves this information for each company and flags the protected status in the company data tools TARGET 2.0, CONNECT and DATACARE.

Protected data flags in Echobot CONNECT

Protected companies are flagged with the tag “Advertising protection”. Move the cursor over the flag to display a slightly more detailed explanation.

The advertisement protection only covers company data and company mail addresses. Any contact data for employees do not require flagging.

Protected data flags in TARGET 2.0

Protected companies are flagged with a warning symbol and a tooltip next to the company name within searches and saved company lists.

Contact names and company names of protected companies are flagged in the contact data tab as well. Any company phone numbers also covered by the data protection will be flagged as well.

Regarding the export process

A warning will be displayed when you try to export ad-protected Danish companies in a list or search. You have to confirm your intent to export advertising-protected companies by checking the box before you start the export process.

Exports from Echobot DATACARE require the same confirmation process.

Flags in exported data

When you export data from TARGET or DATACARE and save it as Excel-, CSV-, or Salesforce-CSV-files, any relevant companies will be flagged with the keyword “Advertisement protected” in the “Register Status” column.

Flags in the API

The API now transfers the flag “no-ads” for search- and get-end points to mark companies that are registered in the official “advertising protection” list:

Additional information regarding data transfer via webhooks

registerStatusText now indicates whether a company is advertisement protected.

Please refer to this technical documentation of the Echobot Chrome Extension Webhooks for further information.


Legal notice

Freely available data and information found on websites or other publicly available channels may continue to be used, as long as laws and regulations applicable in Denmark are properly observed.

Echobot complies with the labeling requirements but rejects any and all further liabilities.