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You need a contract to use Echobot.

See / change billing address

Administrators of an Echobot company account can access the current billing address via “account settings” from the menu. Please send an email including your old and new billing address to if you would like to change the address.

Cancel contract / Cancellation period

Your contract will be automatically extended at the end of the term if you do not cancel it. Our price guarantee ensures that you will receive the same services at the same conditions as in the previous contract term.

If you do not wish to extend your contract, you may cancel it at any time (up until 3 working days before the end of the current contract period). You may cancel your contract in writing (in which case we recognize the day of reception) or via email (in which case we recognize the day of cancellation confirmation).

Change contract

It is also possible to adapt and change the services that you have booked to better match your current needs. Please get in touch with one of our customer support representatives for more detailed information.