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Exclude Exports

The “Exclude exports” filter allows you to remove companies and contacts that you have previously exported from new queries. This helps avoid the export of duplicate and overlapping data.

Access this filter via “Select filter” in the category “Filters for Lists“, then select “Exclude Exports“.

You will now see a list of all exports requested by all users affiliated with your Echobot account. Select a row by ticking the checkbox on the left to exclude certain already exported companies and contacts from your new query.

We recommend limiting the scope of your query to improve the quality of your results.

You can do so by limiting the time period, excluding users who requested previous exports, or by excluding certain Echobot Tools via which exports have been requested.

You can also search for keywords in the file name to further narrow down your results list. The export name is the name of a saved search or company list. If you want to export from a search which has not (yet) been saved, the export name would be displayed as “New search”.

Please note: When you exclude contacts, their affiliated companies are NOT automatically excluded. This allows you to continue working with certain companies while changing their affiliated contacts. Activate the slider at the bottom of the dialogue window when you also want to exclude affiliated companies from your results list.

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